The duke of sunlight is a boss. He is the guardian of the Old Voided Ruins.


  • The Black Sun Monument: This is one of the parts of Duke of Sunlight.
  • Sky Lord: One of the two individual parts. Has its own AI
  • Core Lord: One of the two individual parts. Has its own AI


Phase 1

  • Lazer Beam: Shoots a lazer that explodes after it leaves the mark in the floor.
  • Void Water: Spits out a black substance that can take a lot of damage when the player makes contact.
  • Void Balls: Slow moving magic balls spit by the Sky Lord.
  • Light Balls: Slow moving magic balls spit by the Core Lord
  • Bite:
  • Cosmic Explosion: AoE Attack, causes a large explosion.
  • Cosmic Lightning Bolt: Spawns a flash of lightning.
  • Teleport: Teleports DoS away to some other area.

Phase 2

During Phase 2, the Sky Lord and Void Lord are released and attack with their own AIs

  • Cosmic Lightning Barrage: Lighting that spawns from the portals.
  • Void Whip/Sky Whip: Void Lord and Sky Lord do this individually, whip their tails at player.
  • Pillar: Heals the Duke of Sunlight. Done by both the Sky Lord and the Void Lord. All of them stay still when this happens.
  • Heal All: Done by Sky Lord, heals all enemies. Done when it is in low HP. Can be interrupted.
  • Cosmic Bomb: Shoots a cosmic bomb that explodes.
  • Lazer Barrage: Causes a bunch of lazers to suddenly Appear.


Drops: 30,000 Souls

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